Billboards or floorboards

by misskrupt

Election is nearly here.

For the past few days political parties have been throwing dung at each other: for chaos – vote for such and such; for divided Britain – vote for such and such; and so on, planting fear and doubt in our heads. They’ve even spent their money on massive billboards to remind us all that.

That woke up an inner politician in me (we all have it; don’t worry. We all know better how to rule the world from the comfort of our sofa).

Seeing that massive billboard again made me very crossed.Politicians managed to upset me again; like I don’t have any other things to worry about.

1. Spending money on such hideous billboards.

Wouldn’t it better to put that money into food banks or nurseries for parents on the lowest incomes? Or do something for your local community to deserve the vote?

Wouldn’t that be a better advertising, especially now, in the era of Internet?

2. I find this kind of campaigning unprofessional. Yes, you are reading it right, unprofessional.

Imagine a builder or a roofer, who comes in to look at the job you’ve got for him. You inform him that you will get a few more people in to quote. Just to get a better idea what you are dealing with , costs involved, etc. And then he starts to slag them off. He didn’t tell you much about the job, didn’t explain anything, didn’t even indicate the cost. He just goes on and on about how bad the competition is.

Would you trust his dirty mouth? Would you be willing to employ someone like this?

3. It also feels very patronising. As if we are unable to tell who we don’t like to see at the steering wheel. As if we are complete morons that can’t make the decision at the polling station.

4.  And in the way we can’t make a decision because none of the parties explained to us their plan. They all have made promises: decrease this, increase that, build more, borrow less.

But these are just general phrases and empty slogans, thrown in there to please electorate and win the vote. I haven’t heard anything to convince me that a certain party knows what to do. Not in the debate, not in the last Question Time. There was nothing there to explain to me clearly what they intend to do. Only ‘I’ll get you out of this mess’, ‘I promise more houses’, ‘I’ll end the immigration’, ‘Balancing the budget’.

I can not see through the smoke screen that is being blown at me. Slogans but no details.

Yes, I have looked at some of the manifestos (three actually) and I still don’t see the information I am looking for. So can


Q: How are going to improve the economy?

A: We are going to create more jobs.

But tell me HOW?! What industry? I need to know. We all deserve to know. Especially in the running up to election.

Don’t tell me who not to vote for. Give me a reason why I should vote for you!