Rip off Britain

by misskrupt

Yes, I am angry / annoyed / fuming. Possibly few more adjectives could describe the state of me and my mind but you get the idea.

I really wanted to keep it all in chronological order but I have to get this out of my chest. The sooner the better. At the end of the day I want you to be warned.

So here we are in our lovely and warm nest (especially over weekend when we are at home and heating has been on for 12 hours). We are FTB, we are full of energy, ideas and good will. Less can be said about our pockets but we are trying our best.

As good and obedient citizens we are trying to follow government’s guidances and improve our nest’s energy efficiency and reduce carbon footprint (as Rupert rightly pointed out it is also because we like to keep warm and even with super-modern boiler it is difficult to keep this place warm, especially this spring!).

So, step one: replace single glazed windows with double glaze. 

Easy-peasy: let’s invite few window sales men in, choose the cheapest quote, shake hands, job done.

 Er… no, not if you live in conservation area.

 First of all no UPVC. UPVC windows are about 2, if not more, times cheaper, much better than wooden ones and they require less maintenance. Not only they cost cheaper to start with, they cost less in the long run too and they last longer!

I’m sorry, I forgot we all know that. I am not talking to council people. Duh!

I phoned local council, found out we need planning permission. Ok, not a problem. That will cost you £172.

Oh… ok.

Followed link to, start online application, fill in details, work proposed etc. attachments – none.

Oh wait, no, two are required. What are they? Let’s see… Maps. Yes, MAPS! Ordnance survey map in certain scale and site map. Not the land registry maps.

That’s £20.


Only because we want to replace windows.

Ok, let’s not panic, speak to council again, maybe that’s just for people who are building houses and extensions.

No, they do need a map. That’s another £20. Each. And another thing, elevation plans. Yes, we must hire an architect to draw us plans of the building. No, photographs of the building won’t do.

And let’s not forget about the statement of design. To explain what impact our new windows will have on conservation area.

So I’m fuming.